Larry the llama just had enough! PEPE stole his thunder, and now he's taking it back by force!

Larry & Pepe history

Not so long ago...

Larry had cooked up a scheme to turn the crypto market on its head. He concocted an algorithm that could read crypto vibes better than a psychic octopus, analyzing social media, news, and market trends. He dubbed it 'Llama' and bet his last alfalfa leaf it'd be a hit.

loser Pepe, which is Larry's supposed crypto-savvy ,autistic frog buddy the traitor showered Larry's idea with praise, promising to launch it to the moon with his 'connections'. Larry, in a moment of utter woolly trust, handed over the keys to his crypto kingdom.

Cue the drama! Liar! Pepe did a sneaky froggy heist, copying Larry's code and creating 'PepeCoin' – a froggy fiesta of deceit. Larry woke to a tweet storm, his once plump wallet now frog-flattened. Fueled by indignation and bananas, Larry stormed towards Pepe's plush penthouse, ready to serve some hoofed-out justice. The guard, a mere speed bump on Larry's path to vengeance, tasted the wrath of an airborne banana, and with a dramatic thud, the showdown was set.

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